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The  Keywords : passive construction; active; middle; intransitive; contrastive study; descriptively as follows: Implicit Object Read type (IOR) with pseudo-transitive  alienated image of human thought. Pseudo-dimension of man, its passive knowledge of mediocre reality is the magical justification for a race of slaves. av I Larsson · 2014 · Citerat av 4 — The Nordic languages have the possibility of so-called pseudo-coordination, as in the first verb allows the second verb to be in the passive with the first verb in​  Intern rapport. SIMSON - A Pseudo-Spectral Solver for Incompressible Boundary Layer Flows The evolution of multiple passive scalars can also be computed.

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D. CHOUDHURY* and S. NIMBALKAR*. KEYWORDS: dynamics; earth pressure; earthquakes;  estimable scholars held fast to the passive theory, among, them Schuchardt,. Bouda, and Lafon3, they have been hard put to explain what happened to the active  The debate about the merit of active or passive investment management encompasses a large body of empirical literature which generally shows that  translation, English dictionary definition of pseudo-intransitive. adj denoting an processoriented passives (Halliday 1967),facility-oriented passives (Fawcett  Pseudo-passive. MORPHOLOGY/SYNTAX: a term which is used for the passive of prepositional verbs. Prepositional verbs are intransitive verbs followed by a  The DAC is pseudo-passive, i.e.

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IEEE Alessandro Volta Memorial Workshop on Low-Power Design Link to article, DOI: 10.1109/LPD.1999.750415 Publication date: 1999 Document Version Publisher's PDF, also known as Version of record Link back to DTU Orbit The DAC is pseudo-passive, i.e. an active element is required only to buffer the output signal.

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pseudo-passives which cannot be accounted for in terms of semantic unity. We have collected dozens of such cases from written texts of all sorts and from spontaneous speech, and many more are cited by Visser. The preceding linguistic context is given for each to show that the pseudo passive does not sound forced or unnatural.2 pseudo-passive ( plural pseudo-passives ) Alternative spelling of pseudopassive. Retrieved from " ".

When others make requests or demands of them, passive … This paper re-examines the case of the 'pseudo-passive', an interlanguage structure considered to be typical of L1-Chinese learners of L2 English (Schachter and Rutherford 1979; Rutherford 1983; Yip and Matthews 1995). Earlier approaches to the analysis of the structure, i.e.
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Categories: English … A paper titled " Three Types of English Pseudo-passives " has these examples (p8): (31) a. *Seoul was walked around by his father. b.

In English grammar, the pseudo-passive is a verb construction that has a passive form but either an active meaning or no grammatically active equivalent. Also called a prepositional passive. As Kuno and Takami discuss below, "It has been well recognized in the literature that not all pseudo-passive sentences are acceptable." Consider the English pseudo-passive in (4). (4) This bed has not been slept in for many years A construction that removes the subject from an intransitive verb, as in the Dutch sentence Er wordt gefloten ("[Someone] whistled") Pseudopassive or pseudo-passive may refer to: Impersonal passive voice, a grammatical form that deletes the subject of an intransitive verb Prepositional passive, a form of English passive voice in which the object of a preposition becomes the subject of a clause Pseudopassive definitions (grammar) A construction where the object of a preposition has been promoted, as in "The problem was talked about" (from "They talked about the problem").
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Takami (1992:126) defines the CCPP as follows: (2) A pseudo-passive sentence is acceptable if the subject is characterized by the rest of the sentence; namely, if the sentence as a whole serves as a characterization of the subject. Otherwise, it is found unacceptable, or marginal at best.